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On September 25th. 2016 I had the opportunity and  the great pleasure to attend the First Congress of the House of Gnathology in Turin, Italy.The Congress was the  successful result of two years preparation in gathering the different concepts of five different Italian societies regarding the approach in diagnostics and treatment of temporomandibular disorders.The initiative,taken some years ago, by Dr. Eugenio Tanteri involved the Associazone Italiana Gnatologia, the Accademia Italiana di Kinesiografia ed Elettromiografia Cranio Mandibolare, the Associazione Italiana Pedro Planas, the Società Italiana Disfunzioni ed Algie temporomandibolari and the Società Italiana Odontostomatologia dello Sport.

Each society was given ample time to present its ideas which ot course differed but were aiming towards general improvement in the daily work of the clinicians.It was even discussed to try to design a common  clinical examination protocol which could be promoted by any society in assisting the clinician in often difficult decisions.It is evident from listening to the colleagues that utmost few clinically useful examination criteria exist. Despite decades of attempts in  focusing on research diagnostic criteria for temporomandibular disorders their use in the clinical situation has not given any overwhelming impact on the daily work by the clinician.

I am looking forward to more cooperation between the researchers and the clinicians in the future and congratulate the House of Gnatholoy for this its first attempt in improving the care of thousands of suffering patients.