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Most likely it is the tooth. However, in 2015 that is neither good nor professional  enough. It is my opinion that it should be expanded to at least encompass the function of the whole masticatory system and to realise the importance of maintaining its bilateral uniqueness. In doing so the dentist, in the diagnostic phase as well as in the therapeutic phase, may enter into the dilemma of how to handle the treatment when the two temporomandibular joint condyles are not identical regarding their vertical dimensions.

In order to restore the occlusion and provide an oral stability with an optimal masticatory function the correct mandibular reference position needs to be found. At a temporomandibular joint condylar vertical asymmetry it may clinically be difficult to manually manage. The Maaxloc instrument by Dentatus should therefore be recommended. It assists the clinician in finding the mandibular position to be used in the rehabilitation, in guiding and directing the mandibular function around the higher and mostly normally developed temporomandibular joint condyle. Not considering a temporomandibular joint condylar vertical asymmetry, when present, is devastating  for the patient and the dentist.