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Be careful! The tooth contacts which seem to be occlusal interferences at the first sight when the conventional retruded contact position of the mandible is being executed may not be disturbing tooth contacts at all. If they are located on the higher condyle side they may denote the vertical dimension of the inter maxillary relationship and should in my opinion not be removed. Only precontacts on the shorter condyle side are to be looked upon as true interferences and can be removed to such an extent that tooth contacts are established on the higher condyle side.

With the risk of repeating myself I  do want to advise the clinician to build up the occlusion on the shorter condyle side instead of adjusting the teeth through occlusal adjustment on the higher condyle side.In this way we will secure a correct vertical dimension between the two jaws in occlusion and thereby rescue the patient from a too low vertical dimension of the occlusion after completed dental work often jeopardising the function the temporomandibular joints.