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Sometimes it can be difficult to get a relaxed mandible in the process of jaw registration in the retruded position of the mandible in as well the diagnostic phase as in the steps of treatment. It happens mostly when the patient is a heavy bruxer or when the patient seems to defend him/herself against the pressure from the hands of the dentist in the clinical situation. A condylar asymmetry may add to the clinical difficulty in getting the registration right.
With the measurements of the vertical dimensions of the temporomandibular joint condyles and the Maaxloc device at hands the above mentioned problems can definitely be reduced.It is my opinion, which to a great extent I have achieved from the dental technicians, that the registrations made in the Maaxloc system get into a more retruded position of the mandible in comparison with the manually taken clinical indices which often are protruded.This conclusion is based upon several years of cooperation with Ines Selimanovic T.I.C. laboratory, Malmoe ,Sweden, an experienced dental technician, with whom I have made comparisons of by me taken clinical indices and by her made registrations in the Maaxloc device.
In conc;usion: To avoid unnecessary and time consuming adjustments despite quality of the dental work in the ” difficult mouth “it might be worth while to become critical to the manually taken clinical registration and consider the advantage of the Maaxloc device.