Tore L. Hansson

Dental students are normally taught about the necessity of an overview radiograph in the screening for and in the early detection of undiagnosed hard tissue changes of the maxilla and of the mandible (neoplasms, tumors or any strange lesions). Most dental students have also been told the questionable value of the panoramic radiograph because of the superimposition of the structures due to the construction of the X-ray machine with its two axes of rotation ( focus and film in opposite directions). On the other hand the panoramic radiograph is the only routinely used radiograph in the dental practice in which comparisons between the right and the left sides of the jaws can be made, as both side are projected in the same film without any change of head position.
However,comparisons of horizontal dimensions are not possible due to the superimposition of structures.Vertical dimensions can be compared as the focus of…

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