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photo-17Several years ago I met with and was introduced to Kenneth Wallenholm, an experienced dental technician in Stockholm, Sweden. I was giving a lecture and he was in the audience. I had talked about the recognition of temporomandibular joint condylar asymmetry, when present, and its importance for a correct registration of the mandibular position to be used as the reference position for optimal dental work clinically as well as in the dental laboratory. He had immediately understood my message and for a long time also realized that most “wax bites”, indices or ” Registrat ” accompanying dental impressions into the laboratories most frequently ended up in the trash can, never being used. The reason was that these ” wax bites ” did not provide any information about the workable intermaxillary relation. The technicians therefore rather related the upper and lower models of the jaws by hand i.e. they just tried to find the best stability between the models,maybe sometimes the intercuspal position, before they started their technical procedures to establish an acceptable occlusion. We were  both of the same opinion that such unfortunate events outside the mouth of the patient are the major reasons  for clinically unwanted adjustments of dental work before its  insertion into the mouth.

It did not take us long time until we met again and started to brain storm how to come up with a device in order to facilitate for the dentist / technician team to ascertain and improve the registration of the correct mandibular position to be used by both the professions. After many hours, many different measurements, several different drawings and a certain number of pieces of ” metal constructions ” the patent was approved and the prototype for the Maaxloc  was completed by Dentatus ( info@dentatus.se : dentatus@dentatus.com )

The Maaxloc determines the clinically correct mandibular position. The Maaxloc is not an articulator even if it is described under articulators in the list of products from Dentatus. The Maaxloc is a device to assist in finding the correct mandibular position of reference at a recognized condylar / mandibular asymmetry. The registration index produced in the Maaxloc can be  used in any articulator of your choice and can comfortably be applied in cases of craniomandibular or temporomandibular disorders,as well as in any case of prosthetic rehabilitation or orthodontic analysis. Determining the correct mandibular position of reference is of utmost importance and will help to avoid unwanted occlusal features. This includes achieving the correct incline of implants into the jaws and improving the occlusal analysis before an orthodontic treatment is initiated.

The Maaxloc is time saving and reduces pain because:

1.Symmetry in occlusal contacts between the jaws decreases the risk of failure in providing bilateral load to the stomatognathic system.

2.Less time is spent on adjustments and on remakes due to fractures in veneers and crown & bridge work, including supra structures on successfully accepted implants.

3.Shorter sessions for repetitive registrations of the mandibular positions.

4.A stable occlusion compensates a morphological asymmetry, improves the general adaptation of tissues and is especially beneficial to the edentulous patient wearing removable prostheses, with less dislocation of the prostheses.

5.Last but not least, once the individually correct mandibular position has been found, the patients immediately acknowledge their natural way of achieving and sensing oral stability

It  is my convinced opinion that the measurements of the condylar heights in a panoramic ( overview ) x-ray and  the difference between the two sides transferred into  the Maaxloc will further your clinical success and confidence.